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True to the motto: “Prevention is better than repair”, prophylaxis includes all preventive measures to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. It is therefore a very important component for healthy and beautiful teeth.

Dental prophylaxis at least 2x per year?

Professional tooth cleaning at least twice a year is recommended. For patients who already have gum pockets, professional tooth cleaning every three months is of great benefit. People with implants or dentures should also have their teeth cleaned three to four times a year. Healthy teeth are important – also for our health. Studies show that periodontitis increases the risk of diabetes, heart attack or stroke. Healthy starts in the mouth!

Parodontitis (Parodontose)

is a widespread disease of the periodontium and gums. Most teeth are lost as a result of periodontitis that is recognized too late or insufficiently treated. If left untreated, it can lead to a significant increase in the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes and pregnancy complications. You can prevent this together with us through a professional and systematic prophylaxis program. In our practice, a minimally invasive, gentle periodontosis treatment without cuts and sutures is usually carried out.

Periodontal treatment has two main goals: To stop the inflammation and to permanently preserve the tissues that support the teeth. If diagnosed early, basic therapy is often sufficient to cause the inflammation to subside. If the disease is already more advanced or if the basic therapy does not have the desired effect, additional surgical interventions are required. In both cases, the periodontitis patient needs permanent follow-up care by the dentist.

Periodontitis is another example of the importance of regular dental prophylaxis in the form of professional teeth cleaning. In addition to professional dental cleaning, however, your own oral hygiene is also an important component. Daily dental care only takes a few minutes. It reduces the risk of periodontitis , saves you avoidable visits to the dentist and thus also time and money.

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  • Prevention for pregnant women
  • Prevention for children
  • Prevention for diabetic

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