Dentures – Not just an issue for older people in Weiden

Dentures don’t just affect the elderly. Dentures can also be recommended at a young age due to illness or an accident. Thanks to medical research in this field, we have now come so far that an artificial tooth – or even a complete denture – does not cause any problems in everyday life and is almost as good as a real one.
The procedure is by no means an unusual intervention, but is rather a frequently used aid for better teeth. This is made possible, among other things, by implantology, which guarantees the patient a symptom-free life and delivers a visually perfect result.

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are fixed in the jawbone. These are fully healed after about three to six months and can then be connected to the “rest” of the tooth. The interim period is bridged by a temporary solution that allows you to go about your daily life free of symptoms.
With these artificial tooth roots, we are able to replace missing teeth without affecting healthy neighboring teeth. This is often the better alternative to a so-called “bridge”, under which healthy teeth are often damaged, as they serve to attach the actually diseased tooth. This means that the area that is stressed by artificial materials remains smaller and is limited to the tooth and its root.
Implants enable an aesthetically and functionally optimal replacement and also prevent the bone loss that otherwise threatens with tooth loss.

Ways to get replacement teeth for your own teeth

The costs vary greatly and are determined by the choice of material.

The planning, manufacture and incorporation of implants falls under the field of dental prosthetics . Tooth loss can occur as a result of tooth decay, periodontitis or tooth accidents . Even if there are no teeth, the missing teeth must be replaced with a denture such as a dental bridge , full denture or partial denture , which is the treatment area of prosthetics or bioprosthetics . Dentures mean the production of prostheses , i.e. artificial replacements for lost organs such as the tooth root . The dental implant is a tooth replacement or tooth root replacement.

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