Dental aesthetics

Beauty of teeth

The task of dental aesthetics – just like in cosmetic surgery – is to restore the natural beauty. Have naturally healthy teeth contribute significantly to the well-being. There is therefore a specialty in dentistry that deals exclusively with the beauty of the teeth. Modern dentistry offers us the opportunity to do this. So you can show your radiant smile again.

Aesthetic front tooth corrections with ceramic shells (veneers)

To achieve perfect esthetics, thin ceramic veneers are used, especially in the anterior region, which require only minimal tooth preparation. For an optimal fit, they are adapted directly to your teeth. The veneers cover the tooth like a second skin and are therefore imperceptible.

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In many cases, a good result can already be achieved with a professional teeth cleaning and whitening of your teeth. Since the color of the teeth changes due to deposits that cannot be removed even by professional dental cleaning, many have the desire to regain a whiter, brighter smile.

For a significantly whiter tooth color, bleaching – i.e. bleaching the teeth – has become established in recent years. This also allows the teeth to be lightened in color for longer and come very close to the white shade.

We offer a detailed consultation on the subject of bleaching and can determine which form of bleaching will lead to the best result for you based on your dentition. You can always choose which shade of white you want to achieve.

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